About us

Because of its homey atmosphere and hospitality, the Academy of Language Arts (ALA) attracts students who wish to study the Japanese language from over 30 countries around the world. The students study not only the language of Japan, but also society, culture, and custom through ALA's classes and extracurricular activities, enabling them to strengthen ties with both Japanese and multinational peers.

In addition to assistance to prepare for higher education, ALA provides assistance to students who wish to seek future careers in Japan.

Class Focusing on Conversation

ALA divides students into more than 9 levels, ranging from entry to advanced levels, according to their skills.
ALA provides "spoken Japanese" that is practical to meet various occasions such as "survival" Japanese, business Japanese, Japanese language for higher education, etc.

Students from Many Nations

Japanese language learners from over 30 countries around the world have now registered in ALA. The common language that the students from different countries of origin talk to each other is of course Japanese.

We also have students from Australia, Thailand, Germany, Bulgaria,U.K and other 28 countries.

Low Student-Teacher Ratio

Each class is small, with 12 students on average, and its own homeroom teacher. Because of the small size of classes, the homeroom teacher can take care of each student.
This is another feature of ALA designed to encourage students to have more opportunities to speak.

Gracious Support

ALA provides hospitable assistance for students: Full-time/part-time job hunting; continuing to higher education; accommodation allocation; visa application, etc., all in a homey atmosphere.
Furthermore, staff in charge of each language are always ready for assistance in various ways.

Convenient Location

- Three minutes walk from Iidabashi station: JR Sobu Chuo Line, three Tokyo Metro lines, Toei Oedo Line
- 10 minutes to Shinjuku, 7 minutes to Akihabara by train
- Taking a nice walk around atmospheric Kagurazaka.

Admission Process