About us

A word from the principle

Dean of ALA Japanese School大日向 和知夫Ohinata Wachio

Japan opened its door to materials and information from the outside world by lifting its self-imposed isolation at the end of the Edo era. Subsequent, financial deregulation opened door economically as well. In the 21st century, Japan continues to liberalize in terms of finance, trade, and the exchange of information. A declining birthrate and increase in the proportion of elderly has lead to an overall decrease in the population of Japan. To address this problem, the door is being opened more and more widely to foreigners interested in studying and working here. Globalization has brought an interest in Japanese language and culture to students all over the world. At ALA we aim to provide these students with the knowledge and ability to use Japanese effectively as a communication tool. Countries all over the world, including Japan, are becoming multi-cultural societies. This development will lead greater richness and renewed growth for all societies involved. At ALA, we hope to facilitate this change by providing effective instruction in Japanese language and communication.

History of school

1984 Established as a conversational Japanese language school for students from English-speaking countries.
1987 The Japanese University Preparatory Course opened for students from Kanji-using countries.
1988 Authorized as a proxy visa application institute by Ministry of Justice, Immigration Bureau.
1990 Authorized as an institute of Japanese language education by Association For The Promotion of Japanese Language Education (Nihongo Kyoiku Shinko Kyokai)
2000 Japanese teacher-training course was designated as Educational Training Benefit Program by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
2002 Capacity of school was increased to 222 pre-college students by expansion of facilities.
2005 Started Etiquette Education for businesspeople.
2008 Authorized as a Charged Employment Placement Business by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (13-ユ-303210)
2009 Started developing Business Communication Measurement Test with assistance of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology in Japan
2010 Launched the Business Communication Measurement Test (TCCB).
2010 Launched Japanese Language Business Communication Training (training program for companies)
Admission Process