In the case of applying for the College student visa

Application Qualification

  • 1. People who have had education for 12 years or more from elementary school entrance, or equal education career
  • 2. People whose living expenses and school fees during their stay in Japan can sufficiently be secured
  • 3. There is rationality to study Japanese language

College student visa required documents

From Applicant
  • ・Application form (ALA form) PDF Excel
  • ・Personal record (ALA form) PDF Excel
  • ・A questionnaire for College student visa  PDF Excel
  • ・A graduation diploma (Original) or a certificate of graduation from the last school
  • ・A certificate of registration (if you are a student now)
  • ・An academic transcript from the last school and the present school
  • ・5 photographs of the applicant(3x4cm)
  • ・A copy of the passport pages showing
    your photo, name and immigration stamps for Japan
From Financial Sponsor Expatriates
  • ・Letter of Payment (ALA form) *Must be written by hand. PDF
  • ・A payment confirmation PDFver. *Must be written by hand. PDF
  • ・A proof of income/tax payment
  • ・A proof of bank balance
  • ・A proof of occupation
  • ・An official document to prove the kinship if the sponsor is relative.
  • ・Letter of Payment (ALA form) *Must be written by hand. PDF
  • ・A payment confirmation PDFver. *Must be written by hand. PDF
  • ・A proof of bank balance
  • ・A proof of occupation
  • ・Proof of tax payment (for applicants who have income slips)
  • ・Seal registration certificate
  • ※Letter of Payment (ALA form) and payment confirmation (ALA form) must all be written by hand.
  • ※You may be asked to submit other documents depending on conditions.
  • ※Please attach translations to documents written in language other than English or Japanese. (Translation by the applicant is also acceptable)
  • ※Please note all documents submitted except the original are NOT RETURNABLE.
■ Notice
  • 1. The documents to be filed must be issued within six months before submitting to the Immigration Bureau.
  • 2. Certificates are valid for three months.
  • 3. We accept original graduation certificates only.
  • 4. When making corrections on documents, cross out with double lines and stamp with a correction seal or Signature. Do not use correction fluid.

Entrance Procedure

1.Consulting Feel free to contact us.
Information required for visa application is given by applicant.
Application can not go under consideration without prior consulting.

2.Application Required forms must be submitted to ALA by the deadline.
Selection fee must be paid after all forms are turned in and confirmed.
Selection fee cannot be paid before the forms get checked.

3.On behalf of applicants, ALA applies for their Certificate of Eligibility to Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau.

4.ALA informs visa applicants of the result of their application about a month before enrolment. After Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau notifies us of the visa approval / disapproval, ALA informs the applicants of the result .

5.ALA sends applicants their Certificate of Eligibility and the Certificate of admission after payment is confirmed.

6.Apply for the college student visa with the Certificate of Eligibility and the Certificate of admission at Japanese embassy/consulate. You are advised to ask them in advance what other documents are required for application.

7.Come to Japan. Please notify ALA in advance of the day you expect to arrive in Japan and the first day you plan to visit ALA.

8.Come to ALA-Orientation/Level check interview

9.Appropreate class is decided Class is determined based on Japanese Level

10. Class starts Enjoy learning Japanese!
  • Scholarship Program Information
  • School Fee Information