What's College student visa?

If you would like to study Japanese more than 6 months in Japan, you can apply for a college student visa through ALA.
The enrolment is the beginning of each term (Jan.Apr.Jul.Oct.)
College student should study 4 hours 5days a week.
College student visa can be extended by 2 years. College students are allowed to work 28 hours/week with permission from the Tokyo Immigration office.

ALA is approved by the Ministry of Justice to apply for visas on behalf of students so that we extend/change students' visa status instead of them.

College student visa application schedule

Entrance Time ALA Application+Visa selection fee payment ALA apply to the Tokyo Immigration office Delivery of Certificate of eligibility
Spring Term (APR) Previous middle November prior year End of NOV End of FEB
Summer Term (JUL) Middle March End of MAR End of MAY
Fall Term (OCT) Middle May End of MAY End of AUG
Winter Term (JAN) Previous middle Sept,ember prior year End of SEP prior year End of NOV

※It is changed depending on the submission date set by Tokyo immigration bureau. Please contact us the exact date in advance.

Please refer to the enrollment information page for information on the required documents.

※Required documents depend on applicants' country of origin and background are different.
Applicants are accepted according to conditions including their academic back ground and financial situation etc. Please kindly note not all applicants will be accepted.

Students whose visa status is other than student (short-term stay, working visas, etc.) who are already staying in Japan can enroll at any time. Such students can also decide their study periods on their own.

Applicants who are studying Japanese language for the first time (entry 1 level) are requested to enroll at the beginning of each term.
In cases of enrollment in the middle of a term, there may be no vacancies in suitable classes because the class is full.
We encourage applicants to start from the beginning of a term.

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