Job Hunting/Continuing to Higher Education

Every student has a different idea for their future study or career.
Our class instructors, study plan advisors and career plan advisors will support your furture according to your needs.

Job Hunting

ALA is proactively giving various assistance to students who wish to find job in Japan after their graduation from school. This includes sending out employment seminar information, how to write entry sheets and resumes, and job interview practices, all of which are provided at all times by professional trainers.
We also support students to find corporate internship programs, as well as holding presentation meetings about these programs.

Continuing to Higher Education

Students who wish to continue studying can do so within curriculums which focus on preparation for higher education.
Furthermore, we continually update information we have on universities and vocational schools. The students can always consult with their homeroom teachers and course instructors about their future academic paths.

Part-time Work

Overseas students staying in Japan with college student visas are entitled to take part-time jobs for up to 28 hours per week by applying for permission to engage in activities outside permitted scope.
ALA holds seminars outside of normal classes, to help students who are looking for part-time jobs. In the seminars, ALA gives students various information including: how to find the information on jobs, application etiquette, interview etiquette and practice, important points on taking a part-time job (Japanese culture and custom, etc.). Students will be instructed with both lectures and practice.
The school bulletin board always posts updated information on job listings.

Support for Daily Life

ALA extends services for allocating accommodations for students as a part of our services.
Please contact ALA directly for details.

Multi-Lingual Support Staff

Staff in charge of each language extend detailed assistance to students from the students' preparation for admission to graduation.
Please feel free to inquire with our staff in charge of each language. Entrance for the courses is open at all year round.

English: Hikaru Kurokawa

Support for Extending College Student Visas

In basic terms, ALA students enter ALA after having acquired a college student visa which is valid for one year, or one year and three months.
After entrance, the students can extend their period of study by up to two additional years.
For those students who wish to continue studying Japanese language, ALA provides college student visa extension application services and applies to the Immigration Bureau on behalf of the students.


ALA holds various events throughout the year.
These events are held at each school term, by whole school, each class, and outside the school.

Spring term April
Start of spring term
Golden Week holidays
Volleyball competition (May held in May)
Summer term July
Start of summer term, bus trip, Awaodori dancing
Summer holiday (about one week)
Autumn term October
Start of autumn term, student festival
Year-end party
Winter term January
Start of winter term
Graduation ceremony and party
Admission Process