“October term 2013″ STUDENT VISA available now!! Tuition Discount offered!!

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 Japanese Language Course FALL Term 

STUDENT VISA application open until Jun. 5, 2013

Tuition Discount ¥50,000 is offered until May 20!!

Limited time only! This offer only applies to the first 5 applicants!


=Detail of discount campaign=

Applicable Course : Japanese Course  October term of 2013  

  (Classes : From 8/Oct/2013 for 6 months up to 2 years ,  Mon-Fri,   4 hours/day)

Granted for : New students enrolling in October term of 2013

Initial Tuition:

Selection fee    21,000 yen

Registration fee    52,500 yen

Tuition for 6 months   299,250 yen

Student insurance   10,000 yen

Fees for facility and activities   5,250 yen


Total  388,000 yen 

 is now discounted to


Total  338,000 yen!! 

How to apply: Please use  an application form here or below to apply.   Do not forget to mention that your application comes with this discount campaign on the section”Learning objectives” located on the bottom of the form.

To apply for this campaign, please follow the conditions that  the application has to be done between 22/Apr-20/May/2013.  Please be aware that if the application is submitted from any other website than ours or out of the campaign period, this discount cannot be applied.


Academy of Language Arts
TEL: 03-3235-0071